Privacy Policy

How we handle and store your data is very important to us. Here we are going to tell you how we use it.

Vintage Inspired Signs is brought to you by Mary, Tom & friends.

We are based at Number 08, The Esplanad, Fleetwood, Lancashire. FY7 6DL

This means you may get communications from Mary, Tom & friends but don't worry, it's all run by the same person. We just created the name Vintage Inspired Signs website& social media to help us keep track of everything sign related! We trade legally under the name Mary, Tom & friends which is is operated and owned by Katherine Platt. She is the Data Controller for Mary, Tom & friends and subsequently Vintage Inspired Sgns

When you contact us using our forms on this website we will store your information for as long as necessary to complete your order.

It may be that you send us an enquiry, whether via a contact form on the website, an email, a text message or an enquiry in person, and then decide not to proceed. We will keep the details you provided for a period of up to 3 months. After which we will delete it.

This means if you contact us after this period to say "hey! I'd love to order that sign after all !" We may reply "Sorry, who 'dis?!" and you'll have to remind us what you wanted.

If you complete an order and pay via our payment link (which would be sent via email and / or text message under the name Mary, Tom & friends.

Our payment links are fully secure and we don't have full access to all the information as it is encrypted. 

If you choose to have your sign delivered, we generally ask you for your delivery address once we have your sign in our hands. This limits the period of time we have your address details. Once the sign has been sent, we will hold on to your address until we know you have the sign (e.g. you contact us to say "Thanks for the sign! It's bloomin' awesome!) or for a period of 3 months in case of any disputes in the delivery.

This also means, if you order another sign after this period, you may have to give us your address again unless Katherine's memory kicks in and she remembers it... I wouldn't hold your breath though!

We will NOT share your data with any 3rd party and we will happily let you know what data we hold on you should you ask. 

You also have the right to ask us to delete your data from our records. We will do so upon request but we retain the right to hold anything legally necessary for us to hold (e.g. for completing tax returns), we'll keep you fully informed if this applies to you.

Phew.. hopefully that's all the necessary bumph out of the way. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries: