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Mary,Tom & friends.    Number 08, The Esplanade, Fleetwood, Lancashire. FY7 6DL

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Ordering your iconic sign

Use this form to get started with your
iconic sign order


Our Vintage Inspired Signs come in lots of shapes and sizes, and with a wide range of colour combinations.

As such, it can be quite tricky to figure out which size is best for you and which colours choices work (occasionally, due to the manufacturing process, some colours cannot be used together).

Therefore, we check every order carefully before taking payment.

This means there is no "buy now" button available on our pages. 

To order your sign, complete the form.

We will then work out which sign size your requested text will fit on and message you back with ALL your options.

It is at this stage, we will also check your colour combination to ensure it can be pressed.

Once we have worked together to get exactly the right size & colour etc, a payment link will be sent to you, to complete your order.

We will also discuss delivery / collection options before you get the payment link.

Very occasionally we refuse signs on the grounds of decency...

we don't mind the odd swear here and there but we reserve the right to refuse to take your order if we deem it offensive.

Our decision is final in these cases.


Our size guides are there to help you visualise your sign and also give you an idea of what is available for your chosen wording and the cost (there are no extra charges per letter or for any borders or holes where applicable).

Simply count the amount of characters (include letters, spaces and special characters such as punctuation) and head to the relevant guide page.

On each guide page there is an order form. You can specify a particular sign size / shape here along with other options such as holes or borders.

The guides are just guides however.

You may count your characters correctly but find that, when you complete our form, we let you know it doesn't actually fit on a particular size.

You may also find that, according to the guides, your wording is too long but if you complete our form, we may tell you that it does fit (hooray!)

This is due to the manufacturing process and the size of all the dies - some are slightly wider and some are thinner than average

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